Camo Aqua Vests - 5mm Neoprene

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Our Camo Aqua Vest helps protect your dogs when hunting, swimming working, and retrieving out in the water.  It is highly functional as a protective vest and robust and attractive for water dogs swimming or retrieving out in the water.

While the Camo Aqua Vest is not 'your traditional life jacket,' it is great protection in the water, assisting in keeping your dogs head above water, potentially saving your dog's life.

Outside layer - 1680 Denier Ballistic Grade Cordura, commonly used in military garments.

1000 Denier Ballistic Grade Cordura" fabric density is thinner" is also available; please add this request in your notes to let me know if this is your preference. 

Inner layer - 5mm Neoprene

Neoprene and Cordura are imported from outside of Australia.

Vests are designed and manufactured in Tasmania, Australia.


Colour combinations

Our vests are available in a range of traditional hunting colours combinations with camouflage feature panels. 

Or you can 'Choose My Own' colour scheme by adding a special request note as you go through the checkout.

Or feel free to contact us directly if you'd like something unique for your dog.


Size chart combinations

Our vests are designed to fit hunting dogs of all shapes and sizes.  The most important measurement is the barrel diameter around the dog's widest part.

Click here to view our size chart here.